Bobbie spent most of her professional life in management in the field of Information Technology with various corporations and educational institutions.  And when the opportunity to retire from the daily grinds of commuting through traffic, staff meetings, project deadlines presented itself, Bobbie bravely took the leap to entrepreneurial adventure.  It was now time to invest her energies in something more suited to her discriminating taste and offering flexibility not found in the nine to five routine. For years Bobbie had entertained the ambition to go into business for herself with a focus on something she truly enjoyed, and what woman doesn’t enjoy fine jewelry and quality accessories?  And men? Don’t we relish that flash of class expressed in either gold or silver, majestic gemstones and fine leathers?  So now Bobbie owns and operates her own online store “Bobbie’s Jewelry”  It’s a site where women and men of varying tastes and generations can find that alluring something “simply elegant” to the unique item with a flair for the panache.  Our accessories make a statement about us. It may be gracefully elegant, quiet, and confident.  Or perhaps we may opt for the colorfully outstanding, “bursting with personality” attitude.  Some of us will have a little of both appropriate to most any occasion.  While she enjoys unique styles and certainly quality, Bobbie is also acutely aware of the spread between the ends on the economic spectrum.  So whether your budget leans more toward the less opulent or goes toward the more sumptuous Bobbie has a selection for you, and if you don’t see what you are looking for, send her a message with your description of that treasure.  Bobbie will scour the marketplace for your selection.  Customer service is a fundamental pillar of Bobbie’s business philosophy. Efficiency and integrity characterize each of her transactions.  If what you receive is not exactly what you wanted, you can notify her within 5 days of receipt of your purchase.  Bobbie will provide a return merchandise authorization promptly following your message.  Upon inspection of the returned merchandise, and determination there is no damage, you will receive a complete store credit.

Bobbie’s Jewelry Etc:  elegance, class and value, don’t settle for less.